UnSettling diary…

(under construction)

I am embarking on a journey to do what I’ve always done. Get out of the car, or the train, or the city and find out where I am and who is there. I am doing this in relation to an art project my sister and I are launched on but it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I moved to the Lower Mainland.

On this page, I will take the time to think about the project and to reflect on how I am going about it and why.

How it might begin

The tar sands in northern Alberta..orem ipsum, lorem ipsum lorem ipsum, lorem ipsum, lorem ipsem lorem ipsum…and the\ significance

How it might begin: I might get out of the car at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal where I have been a thousand times over the decades, and turn left rather than head into Vancouver. I might within two minutes be driving past the little cemetery on the quiet road that traverses Tsawwassen First Nation Lands, where I can see the school buses and Elders vans parked in front of the Nation’s office. I can walk on the boardwalk of a land facing the sea and, looking past the massive cranes and tankers at the Roberts Bank port, imagine how things were a short 170 years ago. I can look into the faces of the eagle and the human on the carved pole lying on the ground in front of the bighouse. And I can begin to learn….

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